Unique Burning Mechanisms
So many ways to burn $PEAR!
Here is the list of burning mechanism built-in $PEAR token and list of actual and future features to burn even more $PEAR

BUILT-IN burning mechanisms

    Burn on each transaction : 2 % of each $PEAR transaction is burnt
    Burn on farm and pool distribution : 2 % of each newly minted $PEAR token is automatically burnt
    Burn on harvest fee : A 10% harvest fee is deducted from the pending rewards if the harvest occurs within 72 hours Each harvest resets the timer for 72 hours. These 10% harvest fee are automatically burned (native farms & pools involving PEAR are not affected, PEAR-WBNB LP, PEAR- BUSD LP, PEAR, ...). Applies to BSC & Fantom only
    Burn on withdrawal fee : 10% of $PEAR rewards are burnt if the withdrawal from farms/pools occurs within 3 days (native farms & pools involving PEAR are not affected, PEAR-WMATIC LP, PEAR-USDC LP, PEAR, ...). Applies to Polygon chain only

Features burning mechanisms

    Lottery : Standard lottery and non-lose lottery are coming soon
    Gambling ZapCenter : a bunch of burn mechanisms are included into our coming iGaming platform :
      Standard burn Lottery
      Non-lose lottery
      Money wheel
      Dice game
      Bingo party
      Slot machine
    Manual burn by PearZap team
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