Fantom token lock

This page is only for PEAR token on Fantom chain
Here are the proof of the lock of PEAR tokens reserved for the Fantom launch celebration airdrop. Learn more about the airdrop and locked gardens on BSC and Polygon chains here :
We lock 1500000 PEAR into that contract. This amount will cover the 2 locked garden opened on BSC and Polygon. Each locked garden is capped to 500000 PEAR and each locked PEAR is eligible for 1.5X PEAR on Fantom chain. So there is 2 x 500000 PEAR locked multiplied by 1.5 = 1500000 PEAR token needed on Fantom cahin for the airdrop.
We put the tokens into the above locked contract with 10 different batches and release dates :