Get free MATIC (Faucet) offer a MATIC faucet to all the community
The most difficult thing when you try to discover Polygon chain is to get few MATIC into your wallet to start your first transactions! MATIC is the gas of Polygon chain and without gas into your wallet there’s no way to make our first transactions!
A transaction on polygon is really cheap! Doing a transaction on Polygon cost something like 0.00005 which is (at the time we write this article) around $0.00005 with a MATIC price at $1. Compared to a transaction on ETH Chain (few $) or Binance Smart Chain (around $0.3), it’s totally crazy!
At we decided to offer you a free first access to Polygon chain to start enjoying this amazing chain!
We setup a MATIC faucet on which you can obtain 0.0005 MATIC for free! This amount of MATIC will let you make your about 10 first transactions on Polygon chain! 10 transactions are far enough to have the time to buy few MATIC to have plenty of gas to continue enjoying the Polygon chain!
It’s pretty easy to use our faucet, here are the steps :
  • Press to connect button to connect your wallet (Metamask for exemple)
  • Solve the captcha
  • Press the receive button
  • You will get 0.0005 MATIC into your wallet after few seconds!

Start your journey on Polygon chain with documentation

To get your asset from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon chain, your can follow our how to guide : From Binance Smart Chain​