Transfer tax

2% of the transfer amount will be automatically burned. The whole process is automatic.
This transfer tax has two goals:
  • Extra automatic burn mechanism
  • An incentive to hold PEAR tokens
TX example for 0.1 PEAR transfer

Note :

Those addresses from development team or from marketing team are excluded from transfer tax.
The main reason they are excluded is to make it easy when sending large amount or $PEAR to partners pools and avoid miscalculation and the second reason is to be able to send rounded amount of $PEAR token when distributing giveaway to contest winners.
Addresses excluded from transfert tax :
PearZap deployer : 0xE2DCA5be87a29Dd426D9cFA38cC08681fF3a84e3
PearZap dev address : 0xF301911451E7Fdb9900a65cb7acd6DED9e915A1D
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