PearZap / Introduction

High yields farms & pools on the Polygon chain & Binance Smart Chain
High yield farms & pools on the Polygon Chain (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain and Fantom Chain. PearZap brings innovation to the Polygon Chain DeFi ecosystem with new features and coming great developments.

Why choose and trust PearZap ?


  • High focus on smartcontracts security​
  • ​No migrator code and no proxy in our smartcontracts
  • Successful security audit before launch
  • ​Timelock since launch
  • Timelock developer and project funds addresses protected by hardware wallet from Ledger
  • Anti whale and Anti bot features

Fair launch

  • Presale for large liquidities at launch and fast price stabilization
  • Presale initial liquidities locked

Roadmap & Transparency

  • ​Serious roadmap with clear milestones
  • Transparency is a priority for us. Each Timelock transaction will be signaled and documented for the community.
  • Ambition to reach top 3 DEX rank on Polygon chain within the next 6 months
  • Long term project vision
  • Multi-chain and evolutive project
  • Focus on serious marketing and partnership : we hardly select marketing and project partnerships

Community driven

  • Community driven : We listen closely the community and project priorities will be defined and voted by community
  • Features fair launch : Each new feature starts at a determined block accessible to everyone
  • Competitive deposit fees : Deposit fees will be adjusted when required during the project to keep them attractive for new investors.

Long-term & experience

  • Experienced development team which comes from Ethereum ecosystem
  • Ready to be deployed soon on BSC, xDai and Fantom chain

Why Polygon?

We chose to build and launch on Polygon first because it has the fastest and cheapest decentralized transactions in the space.
Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.
Low fees & Mass adoption, Polygon is close to 1,000,000 users.
We believe the future lies in layer 2, both in terms of fees and scaling, and that layer 2 will be the catalyst for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
❗️The current price for a transaction on Polygon (Matic) is $0.000076897. Even with 10000 transactions, you still won’t pass 1 USD. It is unmatched. PearZap will be the most profitable place to stake or farm the tokens that are built on Polygon.
Website :​
Dapp (Polygon):​
Dapp (Binance Smart Chain):​
Dapp (Fantom Chain):​
Telegram main chat :​
Telegram announcement channel :​
Documentation (gitbook) :​
Reddit : Coming soon
Discord : Coming soon (when telegram main chat will reach 10k users)
Bitcointalk announcement :​

How to start ?

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